The Sims: What is next? What do I need and what do I hope to never see!

The Sims already has so much of what I needed in the game, so what else is there? Well any of you that know me know that I NEED farming! I am already making a lot of my farming dreams come true, however a few things are missing. For example some artisan aspects like the ability to sell what we make in a variety of ways. This is currently only available with mods. I would love to have a more dynamic farmers market, a career path that involves growing things, creating other items like clothing from cotton growth and then selling them.  This would not have to be only grown items we could also add in a ranching aspect with animal goods. This pack would also be the perfect way to bring weather to the game in a new way that we haven’t had before! I am sooooo hoping to see this in the near future.

Next I would love to see some more schooling aspects. In the past that has come with a university pack, but I want MORE! I want some trade school options, some high school selection process where Sims must chose a path that leads to University. I also really want to see homeschooling added and even preschool for toddlers. The ability to open and work a daycare would also be a nice feature. I am a huge advocate for getting similar things to the older games but with NEW additions that set the Sims 4 apart from the past editions!

I also feel that the Sims 4 is currently lacking in some career options. We need to have some things added that are a little less traditional. Get to Work was amazing in that it added in career paths where we could follow our Sims to work. What I would love to see added would be some in depth at home careers, things that utilize and expand on hobbies. I want my woodwork loving Sims to be able to open a handyman/woodworking shop and create a large variety or items for his/her customers. Then add in the spouse or sibling who loves design and will help Sims create the PERFECT remodeled room as an interior designer. Careers like blogger, video creator, streamer, modeling, photography, all the things that we dream of doing but barely ever get to make a full time career of! I want my Sims to be able to live my dreams in a real and fulfilling way!

Now you may be wondering, ok so this is what you want to see but what are you dreading coming out?! Well the most important thing to be is that we do not get complete recycles of the Sims 3. I want similar things in NEW ways. I think that so far that has been the case. I really would hate to get “Generations” when we already for Parenthood, I do not want JUST a “Seasons” pack, and I especially do not want cars! Please don’t bring out cars!